Pork Buns

www.smartdory.comPork Buns! Just the sound of that brings back memories of my childhood breakfast treats. When we were well behaved or feeling poorly, Mother would reward us or cheer us up with pork buns. Those cottony soft buns are not buttered but doused with a sweet salty soy sauce.
The filling is nothing tastier than that reddish rectangular soft “Bak Kwa”. A delightful Chinese pork  delicacy which is salty-sweet sun-dried pork similar to jerky.

The minced pork with a high percentage of fat is prepared with spices, sugar, salt and soy sauce. This is spread over large round bamboo rack to be dried in the sun, in the form of flat thin sheets.

When dried, these are cut into small pieces and are barbecued or grilled over a wire rack above a charcoal stove. The heat will melt the lard and the barbeque will oft time, sizzle and pop. Sometimes there is a flare when lard oil drip over the hot coals.

In Malaysia and Singapore, Bak Kwa is a popular and favourite Chinese New Year gift. The demand is high during the festive periods although it is served throughout the year.

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