Don’t It Make My Brownies, Blue

“I make a half and half” Dr Ava whispers wickedly.

Half and half?

“Do you mean a dairy product consisting of half light cream and half milk?” this girl quips

“No, that’s half with walnuts and the half plain,” Dr Ava grins cheekily, loving the word play. “Of course there’s a secret ingredient that make great brownies, AWESOME! And I’m not telling” she teases.

This girl almost faints but gamely High 5 the good doctor. She bites into that delectable square of pure sin. Calorie laden like a Boondi Laddu which is 200 calorie per ball.

This one is super sinful (if there is such a deviant thing!) it’s what I call “lick the spoons, lick the bowl clean, good-sinful”

And it is really so easy to SIN.

Gooey brownie-cookie hybrid. Sounds like a dirty word, really. So sinful.

Hot and oozing, so dripping with melting chocolate.

Still not satisfied, you would still want to top it with a perfect ball of vanilla ice cream. Why? Because you want to!

Calling it decadent seems like an insult. It is made of heady stuff. Think messy, chocolate sauce that HARDENS over ice cream.

Think wicked.

Sleepwalking babes with names like Nigella caught in the dead of night raiding pantry for chocolates.

Think chocolate porn.
Melted Chocolate with Chocolate Chunks. Photo by Doris Lim

This is a basic slutty brownie recipe.

• 100g Hershey's cocoa powder or chocolate melts
• 150g Kerrygold butter (the good stuff)
• 200g walnuts(toasted for 5 mins and chopped)
• 350g sugar
• 4 large eggs
• 150g flour
• 1 tsp. salt
• 1 tsp. vanilla essence
• Oreo cookies

For an amazing variety, open up your mind. Think triple layer. Cookie batter base layered with Oreo cookies, topped with Super Dark Brownie batter. All piled on top of one another.

Triple the pleasure. Triple the threat of diabetics.
Peeling Back the Foil. Photo by Doris Lim
My Blue Brownies. Photo by Doris Lim

When those babies are done. Cool on wire rack. Be patient. The waiting and longing is half the fun.

Cut and serve up with a ball of vanilla ice cream topped with butterscotch hot fudge. A sprinkling of chopped nuts.

So seriously sinful, it's inappropriate!
Sizzling Brownies on a Hot Plate. Photo by Doris Lim

Or alternatively, serve this on a sizzling hot plate with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The sizzle and smell of sugar caramelising just about hit the air and fill the room with that sickly sweetness.

If you haven’t died and gone to heaven. I wouldn’t know what this is.

Peanut Butter Ganache. Photo by Doris Lim
Brownie Minority Report: Possibility of kidnap without ransom. Spotted 20 or so civilian Brownie heading south in 2 separate blue top Tupperwares.

It was approximately 50-60 yards away from the kitchen as he watched helplessly. The ensuing wild chase was horrifying.

He shudders. Suspect seen smacking lips. Eye witnesses say they smell nutty peanut butter ganache before coming upon a pool of pure chocolate ganache by the sink.

Key eye witness stunned and still in shock. Vitals okay except paramedics report a sugar rush that seems to have overcome the poor victim. Almost incoherent. Gibberish.

Finally it was deciphered and translates to: It’s so good. So good. So very good.

Homemade Brownies L to R : Peanut with Peanut butter ganache,  Truffles Brownies with Chocolate Ganache and Oreos Brownie

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Doris Lim is a popular freelance writer who blogs as Little Fish on travel and food stories here. Be sure to check out her other inspiring stories and follow her Instagram @SmartDoryID & Facebook to check out more places to eat delicious street foods or dine in the best restaurants!


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