The Ears Have It...

Stewed Pig's Ears. Photo by Doris Lim
A quick tug of my earlobe is sufficient to tell the young woman at the Lor Bak push cart that I wanted braised pig ears. I know that this definitely sounds disgusting and repulsive to most people who were never poor nor exposed to these type of food from young.

Pig’s ears are floppy, fleshy nasty bits in one versatile package of meat, skin and cartilage. The cartilage’s texture is like a sheet of al dente lasagna encased between meat and rubbery skin.

For the romantic at heart, sorry, it is not an aphrodisiac food said to have an effect on the libido.

The slow stewing and braising makes it extremely palatable when eaten with spicy, sharp, garlicky chilli dip.

Who would eat this, you ask? Well, older folks who have acquired a taste for bland chewy food for one.

Or if you’re out to thaw the advances of an enamored girl (whatever her age!), this is definitely on the top list of things to chew on (pun intended)


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