Gooey like Gum

Bowl of Lor Mee. Photo by Doris Lim

Cloudy Days call for heavyduty reinforcement. Whenever the temperature drops, even half a degree and the skies grey in the morning like a sullen child awakening.
I feel strangely hungrier.
This gnawing which can only be satiated by gooey, deep dark, rich, soy scented carbs. A full bodied Lor Mee, heavy and pungent with lashing of lard oil, chilli paste, vinegared garlic, braised ducks eggs and sexy bacon (all Lor but or course).
And in the Lor Mee Shop, a strange phenomenon happens when all is well and eating, slurping away.
No one talks much. Perhaps it’s to prevent that wonderful, flavourful Lor from spilling over lips and chins and dripping over tabletops and handbags.
Or possibly it’s just too delicious to waste time nattering when in the throes of pleasure.


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