Truffle Cheese Cake. Photo by Doris Lim
Again, we resort to the best friend we have in that all-purpose sexy animal. The pig. The French use pigs to sniff out truffles and dig them out with their snouts. Truffles are like wild mushrooms found growing underground. These super expensive fungi can only be found in top restaurants for Gourmet dinners.
But despair not there is a kind of chocolate also called truffles. Truffles, even the sound of it, is heavenly. Greedy even. As the word rolls of your tongue, think sinfully soft, light ganache with such intense chocolate that it completely devour and consume your senses. Eyes closed, pupils rolling back sort of enjoyment.
Ganache is that decadent mixture of chocolate and cream melted together and formed into balls, then rolled in cocoa powder. The cocoa dusting is to simplify picking up for that relatively short journey from hand to mouth. Something so creamy, soft, palatable, malleable, super moist, smooth and messy is hard to hold onto. Just as easily to tip the entire package into open mouths surely. 
But my sensual friend said he would line them up to belly button and eat them, slowly one by one off his beloved. Alas instead of promoting ardent feelings in his intended, all he managed was to find a huge mess on the floor when he practised on himself and mistakenly bent over. 
Chocolate truffles actually get their name from that classic, cocoa powder coating and do not contain actual truffles. Somehow since it resembles actual truffles freshly pulled from the earth, they are called thus.

Both are delicacies and immensely enjoyable, and now there’s something even more delicious, chocolate truffle cheese cake! Double the pleasure, triple the calories, but definitely worth every mouthful


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