Photo by Doris Lim
The two fat cakes sit languidly and beckon us from their chillers. Wobbly mounds of jelly with their itsy bits. Things that make men lose all the blood from their brains.
We turned our faces to the captain, smiling sweetly. Greedy little smirks actually. Our fingers point: That Black and Cream one over there. And that stout one, almost perfect cube one with the pretty flowers!

We insisted on carrying it back ourselves, wobbling as we giggle pass the other tables with men looking over their shoulders. The wobbly bits get to them; always.

The girls stared, eyes bigger than their stomach. Only two? Yes, Coffee and Cream. The other Osmenthus (Kui Hwa) with Wolf Berries both super powerful anti-oxidants!

Yes, these do fend off the wolves. Just kidding.


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