In Love Again

Sexy Bacon Wrapped Prawns. Photo via internet

At first glance, it’s the crisp bacon slightly curled with a little blacken edges. Then you spy that fat almost finger thick prawn peeping at one end. There’s its tail left intact but it’s now crisp like a cracker.

You have to make that decision; that’s a killer. Eat the prawn end first or the tail? Sigh… so you pick it up by the tail end, daintily.

Lift that 6 inch from plate to mouth and bite in. You bite first into the bacon then the juice from that prawn burst a little. A combination of crisp and chew.

The smell of prawns grilling over hot coals is simply amazing. Wrapped these with bacon? Triple the delish factor.

You could broil these boys. Shallow pan fry. Bake it even. What the heck. What other pairing could be better? Bacon wrapped asparagus over a little charcoal stove like panggang belacan comes to mind. You have to fan it like mad.  Aww shaddup….

Your face light up. You fall in love.


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