Crumble Recipes for Menopause

Fresh salad with Feta Dressing. Photo by Doris Lim
Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just that white colour, small cubes that reminiscence of stinky tofu.  That delightful flavour, that saltiness with a bit of a sour to taste and rich in aroma.

My friend who is lactose intolerant finds it repugnant, raw, and a little “goaty”.

Marry that dressing with a nice white wine vinaigrette, honey and left over hearty herb infuse olive oil that the feta was sitting in for the longest time. Gives depth and layer to that simple ensemble of rocket, lettuce, dates, cucumber and slice button mushroom.

You’ll forget that it’s al fresco in the noon day heat. Not mind the haze that hung low since yesterday. Nor that “lawn mower” rev of that loud orange "needy" Lamborghini ripping down the hairpin bends of Balik Pulau. We're not staring.

Midlife crisis hits women differently. We're not that into sports, cars and hairpieces. We're not overtly nostalgic and reminiscing about our youth, loss of muscle mass or first love.

But we're definately all hot, flushed and bothered about lack of air-conditioning, night sweats and mood swings. Apparently excess salt in diet retains fluids. Bah!

So it's a mantra of water retention, gas and bloating. Welcome to mid-life. We take a deep breath and tuck in decisively. All that saltiness; numb our other senses for a while.

We continue to day dream of the Greek Isles when we're bikini clad, shiny hair and small of waist.


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